To see your child shine with happiness is just an amazing feeling

Wow, I am blown away by this story that Ilze has shared with me.

Here is her inspiring story of how she changed her family’s health and happiness:

Last year January my husband and I were talking about how much weight our son had put on in just the past year.
Evaluating what he eats and drinks and how much exercise he gets in.

Extremely occasionally junk food, sweets cookies and so on. No soft drinks or coffee. We always ate veggies, meat, fish, the usual.
He loves veggies.

I came across a video called lard makes you lean. After a good giggle I watched it and found more related videos.

Well smack me silly if we don’t realize right there how wrong we have been.

All the fruit, fruit juices, iced tea, provitas, low fat yogurt, pronutro, we’re all WRONG!!!!!

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