The Sugar Free Revolution

Kick your Sugar Addiction, Lose Weight and Feel Incredible!


Karen Thomson“The Sugar Free Revolution was started to expose the addictive and toxic properties of refined and processed sugar and carbohydrates in our diets, and help people just like you to break their addiction, lose weight, and feel incredible again!”

Karen Thomson, Founder of The Sugar Free Revolution

How Addicted to Sugar Are You?

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Most adults living in the world today are addicted to sugar. 

Large food companies like to put it and it’s many sneaky forms into almost anything and everything.

That means almost everything you eat has been laced with processed and refined sugars to make them taste better, and to keep you addicted and coming back for more.

But just how addicted are you?

Take The 4 Minute Quiz and Find Out

We’ve created a quick diagnostic quiz that can tell within about 4 minutes how addicted to sugar you are.

Do you know how addicted you really are?