The Banting Food Market Johanneburg

I will be doing a talk and book signing at The Banting Food Market in Bryanston, Johannesburg this Saturday 20 June from 10-2pm.

Banting Food Market


Where, what and how? Organiser Karin Loots gives us the low down:

Address: 319 Bryanston Drive

At the park opposite the Riverside Shopping Centre and Jackson’s Real Food Market


Time:  10:00-14:00


Live music by a local guitarist JZ, supplying background music.


What was the motivation to start a banting market: We(Karin Loots organizer)  started banting last year and realized how limited your options are to buy banting friendly products in regular supermarkets. You have to buy via internet or drive a long way to get hold of products. We were in desperate need of good quality, real food. The market gives the consumer the opportunity to have a ‘one-stop-shop’.


How often does the market take place? The Bryanston market is Saturday 20 June, and we plan to have the market once a month, every third Saturday of the month. While the Pretoria Banting Market is every first Saturday of the month.

Is there an entrance fee? The public enter the market for free.

What are you hoping to achieve with this initiative? The main aim is to have a market that provides BANTING ONLY PRODUCTS that are fresh and of good quality. We also want to give consumers the opportunity to buy banting friendly products at one central point. The producers also get the opportunity to sell their goods at a market where the clientele is mostly banters. The consumer can meet the producers face to face where they can explain what their products involve.

Who can people contact for more info? Karin Loots 079 527 4902 or [email protected]

What types of foods can be expected at the market?  The rules regarding vendors and their products are very strict, they should preferably be banters themselves, especially those who produce food. All products are strictly banting. You will be able to buy freshly prepaired food to eat there (there will be seating) or products to take home like wraps, different kinds of bread loaves, mueslis, cupcakes, coffee, free range chicken, coconut water, grass fed meat, sausages, biltong and droëwors, pestos, raw products, cheeses, gemsbok salami, full cream yougurt, milk and cream, buns, avocados, kefir cultures and moringa, sugar free ice cream, milktarts, olives and olive oil. To name a few…

We have 45 stalls participating:

Sugar free Ice Cream & Frozen yogurt



Fresh vegetables

Organic Home cooked banting meals (frozen)

Bottled banting chilli

100% pure bovine gelatine

Milk kefir cultures , water kefir cultures

Banting friendly pork crackling

Three Recipe books: Everyday Banting, Low carb is lekker, Low carb for families

Free range chickens

Wagyu beef

100% free range,Beef and Pork,Pork sausages

Cauliflower Pizza bases: Tuna Bread, Muffins and cupcakes: macadamia and flax flours. Chocolate cheesecake

Banting buns: Pumpkin wraps: Zucchini loaves

gluten and grain free baked products



Veggie chips

Fresh strawberries (and cream)

Grass fed Yogurt

Nuts, biltong, seeds, granola, Almond flours, macadamia flours, coconut flour, macadamia butter, coconut oils, Banting bread, banting cookies, Cauli wraps, caulit pizza

Cupcakes: choc coffee with mascarpone mousse on top

Iced tea, Jam, tomato sauce

gemsbok salami

100% pure coconut water

Sauces, mayonnaise, olives

fermented vegetables

2 Egg omelettes with various fillings

Cheese cake,Cheese chips,Choc chip cookies

Energy bar,Fat Bombs,Gemmer koekies

Nut-trition nut spreads, bake mixes, Choco-lites nutty crunch chocolates, Gourmet pies, salad dressings

Fresh Baby marrows, patty pans

Vegetable spiralizer

Frozen Offal, tripe

Chinese food

Pestos/ cream cheese pestos

Goats cheese

Goats meat

Calorie conscious wraps, variety of bread: cauli, courgette, zucchini.Fresh Earth Pumkin pizza bases

Nutty prof granola and bacon nuts, Jozi Nut butter

bacon, cured meats and Café raw fat bombs


I hope to see you there!

xxx Karen



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