6-Week Online Program Testimonials

Following the recent 6 Week Online Sugar Free Program, we have so many people sharing their stories and experience with the world. This is how we make a difference and start a revolution: with love and support and the power of the group.

We have left names out for sake of anonymity


“I battled right from the beginning. Didn’t do any reading of little assignment etc. Not even the meal plan. However, since this Monday, I’m sugar free. Day 4 ticked. Didn’t loose a gram but that is ok. More important to stay clean. My super busy time of the year is in full swing, with loads of potential traps! One day at the time. It’s important that I increase my Me-time in order to stay focused. Love this group although not being active on it. Karen, you and your team are great. Very down to earth and realistic. No unnecessary pressure just pure encouragement. Thanks everyone, feeling blessed.”


“I am so very thankful to you Karen and Emily. Wow. What a journey. And thank you to Farahnaaz too!! So grateful for the very valuable tools and info given/shared.”


“I have learnt so much and feel kind of in a good space but still have some battles. We have such a wonderful group of people here and two awesome leaders in Karen and Em. I will definitely continue with the work I have started.”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey although I have not reached my goals I’ve learnt a lot and I agree Karen – you are a beautiful lady. I will definitely recommit to do another 5 weeks in the New Year.”

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