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Our 8-Week Online Program could change your life!

Thank you for your enquiry about the 8-week online sugar addiction program. This email should provide all the information you need, but if something is still unclear, please email me as I am happy to answer your questions.

I have been following a LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) lifestyle for more than 2 years and have been completely sugar-free for more than 5 months now. Karen invited me to join the first Sugar Free Revolution that started on 11 Aug 2014 and it was just what I needed. I didn’t realise just quite how addicted to sugar I was until I started this program. Even though I had cut out all grains and processed foods before starting on this program and was eating pretty clean, I still allowed myself honey, dates, fruit and 70% chocolate and wine occasionally .. and lets not forget ice-cream every now and then. Since I’ve cut out all sugar, I no longer crave those things. You have no idea how freeing that is.

The online forum has been a wonderful source of support and I will be working with Karen’s team on the program that starts on Monday. I’d love you to join us <> and I’m looking forward to supporting you on this journey.

Kind regards

Melody Kerchhoff

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  • Do you find carbohydrates and sweet fatty foods difficult to manage in moderation often leading to overeating and binge eating?
  • Do you experience guilt or shame due to your eating behaviour?
  • Do you turn to carbohydrates or sweets to improve your mood when you are feeling down?
  • Do you feel better after eating sweet foods or feel withdrawal when trying to cut these out of your diet?
  • Does the thought of quitting sugar or giving up carbs petrify you?

The 8 week online program will allow you to address the underlying beliefs, thoughts and feelings keeping you stuck in your addiction.

We advocate a Low Carb, High Fat Lifestyle individually prescribed by a Registered Dietician.

The program includes:

  • A Skype consultation with a Registered Dietician who will customise your meal plan and advise you on your personal weight loss and health goals.
  • Weekly modules assisting you in empowering body, mind and spirit promoting a holistic approach to overcoming sugar addiction.
  • Webinars with experts in the field.
  • Private Online platform for daily guidance, feedback and support. This serves as a form of group support where you are able to share your successes, struggles and questions with the experts and other participants. This forum is monitored an Addictions Specialist.

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