Banting testimonial – How Marlize changed her life

Banting really is one of the best things that ever “happened” to me, or should I say I chose to happen to me! I started on 27 January 2015.


I am (only) 38 years old, 1.71m tall and now down 19kg (as on 21 June 2015 and still going). I do not really have a lot of “Before” photos, as I obviously did not want to see the truth!


My mom will tell you I was always her “skinny child”, old school friends will also confirm that I grew up being super skinny, almost bony.


Then Varsity and the horrid “koekblik-sindroom” happened and I started picking up weight at age 18, my first year at University. I was still not heavily overweight or obese, just a little more on the bone!


And then LIFE and our society’s sick sugary lifestyle happened!! When I got married at age 25, I weighed 78kg, which was heavy for me at the time. By the time of my divorce 5 years later, I weighed 96kg!!!! During my marriage (2002 – 2007) we could not conceive and the gynocologist told me simply: “It’s because you are obese!!” No real tests were offered, I was just told to lose weight. Being an inquisitive soul, I did my own research and eventually one day walked into a doctor’s office and asked to have my insulin tested. And I was right. I was Insulin Resistant!!


Around that time I also started breaking out in hives every single day. Mostly over my back and shoulders, with fingers, eyes and lips also itching. Went to a dermatologist who did a lot of allergy tests, but could not establish the reason. Again I did some research, ended up e-mailing hence and forth with a Prof Andrew Murray at the Allergy Clinic in the UK and together we diagnosed me with Urticaria, which is a type of auto-immune disease where the body kind of attacks itself, thinking it is attacked by allergens and releases histamins. I went back to the dermatologist, confirmed the diagnosis and was put on strong anti-histamines which I had to take chronically. I was told it would go away by itself and could last up to 7 years. This was around 2005.


I also saw a dietician around 2005/2006 regarding my Insulin Resistance and Urticaria. I was given a diet plan, based mostly on low fat and unrefined carbs.


I only started following the plan after my divorce when I moved to Cape Town and my weight came down to 69kg!! BUT I also took Thinz, which was still freely available over the counter at that time and I did exercises every single night.


My Urticaria subsided for a little while and then my weight just all came back when I stopped the “diet”, and so did the Urticaria. That was 7 years ago.


Since then a lot of little ups and downs as I tried to follow the “diet” again, but could not sustain it, as I found myself constantly hungry and I did not use any diet pills “to suppress my appetite” like the first time around. We even had 3 “Biggest Loser” competitions at work that only ran a full course for 1 time.


Then my boss of the last 8 years in Cape Town now, told me she bought Tim Noakes‘ book and she is going to do Banting. At first I felt that the “diet” I already had, was the way to go (especially since I lost the weight year ago and it was given by a dietician!), but as time passed, I started recalling Dr Atkins books I bought and read years ago, I started doing research AGAIN and I finally made the decision to change my life once and for all!!


Yes, I needed to lose the weight, not only to feel better about myself, but also for health reasons, because on top of the Insulin Resistance and Urticaria and taking pills daily, I also suffered from Insomnia and work from home after hours nearly every single day. I am prone to falling ill easily, especially bronchitis, as I am genetically predisposed (my mom suffers from bronchospasm and take chronic medication, and I have been told by doctors I do too) and my dad is now diagnosed as a diabetic and already had a triple bypass.


I hated the way I looked. I hated the way I felt. I hated being sick all the time!!


So my journey started on 27 January 2015 at weight 92.6kg.


I did post before that my Urticaria marks on my tummy and back are basically gone and I have now tapered down the chronic anti-histamines to only 1 every 3rd day when I just feel that I might break out.

I admit that I have not yet come around to having my insulin and cholesterol tested. I initially told myself I would have it done after 3-4 months of Banting only, but I am also just incredibly busy. But I FEEL that I will get great results!!


I am now happier and healthier, and soooo much more confidence!! Yes, I have to now find the time to tone my body, since I want to go full out and be fit as well, but I am still fighting my inner battle on making time and find the will for that one, hahaha!


I also joined the Facebook group “Banting 7 Day Meal Plans” at the same time when I started Banting and I tell you, I am beyond grateful for Rita, the admins and every single one of the members. From day 1 I felt accepted and understood, where we normally do not get it in the “normal world”. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


And to Tim Noakes and all the others willing to stand up against the Giant Lies that is literally killing our loved ones, THANK YOU!!!


This is now my life, for keeps!


Warm regards

Marlize Grobbelaar


This testimonial was orginally posted to: and has been shared with permission of Rita Fernandez Venter.

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