Bring back the Fat with Christine Cronau

Australian Clinical Nutritionist, Christine Cronau has done it again! Her latest book “Bring back the fat” cuts through the dietary myths clouding the nutrition space and helps us understand in plain and simple language exactly what went wrong and what we can do to fix it.

Everything you could possibly want to know about weight loss…

We’ve been told a low-fat, whole-grain based diet would keep us slim and healthy. Dieting, deprivation and hunger have become the norm, especially for women. Most women start dieting around age 14, and spend a life-time eating tasteless, boring food, being listless and tired, feeling flat and cranky, and missing out on the good things in life—all in the name of the seemingly unattainable perfect weight.

The truth is, we were told wrong! Dieting makes us fat! The good news is there is a secret to easy, sustainable weight loss and it is in this book!

Forget the hunger, the shakes, egg white omelettes, counting calories, and slaving away in the gym for hours on end…Turn your body into a fat burning machine by doing the opposite! You’ll be left wondering why in the world you didn’t know this earlier.

And telling all your friends why they need to…bring back the fat!

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