Coconut Camembert

Originally posted in Daily Mail UK: Cut carbs, quit sugar, feel fabulous: It’s a food revolution that’ll make you slimmer and happier – and it’s blissfully simple .

Coconut Camembert – Serves 2

½ camembert cheese, 1 egg, beaten, 2 tbsp fine desiccated coconut, olive oil for frying, 30g baby spinach, 5 cherry tomatoes, 10 slices cucumber, 40g berries of your choice, balsamic vinegar, to serve

Make a salad by tossing together the spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and berries and serve cheese wedges on top, drizzled with vinegar

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Method: Cut the cheese into 4 wedges; dip each wedge in beaten egg and then coconut to coat.

Heat the oil in a small pan and cook wedges for 30-60 seconds each side until golden brown.

Make a salad by tossing together the spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and berries and serve cheese wedges on top, drizzled with vinegar.

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  1. Love your book Karen so desperate to feel healthier don’t eat properly have bad up bringing issues. I don’t want to join health clubs I just want to be coached to eat 3 meals a day battle with breakfast s and skipping meals
    You such a sterling example of real grit well done help …..I have your book
    Regards Pearl 0760889783 or

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