Dr Aseem Malhotra changing the face of medicine

“Known as one of the most outspoken cardiologists in Britain, Dr Aseem Malhotra is successfully leading the campaign against excess sugar consumption.”

During the course of Sugar Free September and continuing with the 6 week online program starting 19 October we have been blessed to get support from world reknown medical experts from around the world. One of these is my dear friend, Dr Aseem Malhotra.

I met Aseem earlier this year when he came out to South Africa for the Old Mutual Health Summit that we hosted at CTICC in Cape Town in February. Dr Aseem has made it his life’s mission to get medical professionals and social authorities from all around the world to sit up and take notice of the negative effects of sugar on our health. He has successfully motivated leading academics, the media and politicians to make sugar reduction a health priority in their communities.

In addition to his campaigning, Aseem has written countless papers, articles and test studies in top medical publications in the UK and is blazing a notable trail through the world of public health influencers.

Aseem has just launched his new website, which we urge you to take a look at and follow.

He has also joined forces with Donal ‘O Neill from Cereal Killers & Run on Fat for a documentary film entitled The Pioppi Project which focusses on ‘bad science, good food and lessons in longevity from a tiny Italian village that time – and men of science – forgot.’

The Pioppi Protocol is a quest to uncover and translate the true longevity secrets of this beautiful Mediterranean region.

  • Is the traditional siesta saving more lives than the olive oil?
  • Are all wines created equally?
  • Why do men outlive women?
  • Does sunshine reduce stress?
  • Is fasting a factor?

World renowned British Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra joins Donal O’Neill (Cereal Killers) on a fascinating quest to uncover, interpret and translate the misunderstood secrets of Mediterranean longevity and heart health, from the place where it all began.

If you would like to help fund this documentary then please view their Kickstarter campaign here.

Dr Aseem Malhotra is definitely changing the face of medicine.

We could not be prouder of you, Aseem!


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  1. elrien du plessis

    So proud of you for changing the world. I follow banting and was at health summit. Standing behind you all the way!!!!!


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