Eat Better, South Africa

The Noakes Foundation is committed to spending one year educating and supporting people from previously disadvantaged communities to get better by eating better.


This is a Banting Intervention to get South Africa Eating Better!


This is a medically supervised program run by a team of expert doctors, nurses, and Banting educators committed to training communities on the Banting on a Budget program.

The Noakes Foundation has developed the program through the Ocean View community pilot intervention, which was dramatically successful – 98% of the candidates lost weight, inches, felt better and many who completed the program normalised dangerously high blood pressures within five weeks.

You can view the video of how the initiative changed lives here.

The impending Diabetes tsunami is set to cripple state and private healthcare in the next ten years. The Noakes Foundation has the team in place with an action plan ready to implement and get the nation eating better, but they need our support.

I implore you, especially if you are Banting and the work of Prof Noakes has changed your or a loved one’s life for the better, to take action and help us change the state of South Africa’s health.  You have the opportunity to give back at this critical time in our country where we are seeing children develop early dietary onset related diseases and as our country is ravaged by obesity.

To achieve their funding goal of R1,5 million which will allow The Noakes Foundation to fund at least one community per province in South Africa next year, they only need 15,000 banters to donate at least R100, today.

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