Finding your way with Low Carb High Fat or Banting

Hey Everyone,

Candice is one of the Sugar Free Revolutionaries who has completed the 8 week online program. She is a seriously amazing lady who is super inspiring. Her journey to freedom from Sugar and Carb addiction has been amazing to witness and a privilege to be a part of.

Here are her tips on how to find your way with Low Carb High Fat or Banting.

“A few of my tips – hope they help: a large breakfast until you feel full – must last you at least 6-8 hours: 2-3 eggs, bacon, avo. Then a small snack if needed. Dinner – protein and vege/salad.

2. Water glorious water!!!

3. Moringa

4. Supplements-omega 3, vit D, Moringa

5.the right fats – butter, nut butters, coconut oil, tallow, avo, olive oil, MCT oils etc

6. Moderation – lol – I still can’t get this one right after 45 years even with the right foods!!!

7. Yoghurt – full cream “farm yoghurt” – have a look at Curds & Whey website (look at stores who stock them or the various markets)

8. Make “pasta” out of corgettes

9. Snacks – biltong, spoon or 2 of Macadania nut butter or almond butter, butter with salt, avo, eggs, cheese, nuts (not too many), cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc

10. Make sure you get enough salt in your day – put salt on some butter – especially if feeling a bit low in the afternoon or snacking

11. Teas – green tea/fruit infusion tea from Vital, Fennel tea ( my favorite ), Dandy Blend – coffee replacement – herbal beverage from dandelions, chai tea, black tea, Moringa tea etc

12. Cauli mash rules!!

13. cauli rice great for stir fries

14. Cauli
If you don’t want to make yourself!!

15. Lose It magazine – just love it!! You can do an online subscription – Noreen you might like this!! Just google – lose it – for details

16. Just because we eating LCHF doesn’t mean we should be eating too many treats – banting replacements : banting bread, banting cheesecake, banting mouse etc etc – these should be considered as a TREAT once in a while!!!! We would not eat these if we were on a “diet” would we??

17. Coffee – drink with a meal rather

18. Stay away from Milk ( I still have but only when I have a cuppacino). If u need something rather use cream. Too many carbs in milk.

19. Don’t go over board with dairy!!!

20. SuperLite noodles – great replace for pasta ( see website or look at Wellness Wharehouse or even Dischem I think)

21.just in case you forget WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. To replace Sweet Chilli sauce – use A little Tamari Soy Sauce

23. read – books:

Karen’s new book coming out in Feb – seriously can’t wait, 

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson,

Real Meal Revolution – the red “bible”,

Low Carb Living For Families – Monique Forslund,

Everyday Banting – Marion Makepeace,

Rawlicious, Easy Living Foods, the magic of Superfoods,

the Low Carb Gourmet – Karen Barnaby,

Juicing For Life – Cherie Calbom,

Let Food be your Medicine -SallyAnn Creed,

Women’s Health Mag

Lose it Mag

24. Inspirational reading/motivation needed:
When I Loved Myself Enough – Kim McMillen,
Food for Thought = Daily Meditations for Overeaters”

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