How the Sugar Free Revolution Changed my Life, by Heidi

My journey started with the”Sugar Free 8 weeks to sugar and freedom from Sugar and Carb addiction” by Karen Thomson & Kerry  Hammerton.

In June 2015 I was 20 kg overweight,on chronic medication and had no energy. This needed to change as I felt like the old granny that sits and watches her 4 grandchildren play and only reads to them when they are on her lap. Problem is: they rarely sit still! I also wanted to hike the Fishriver canyon in July 2016 for my 50th birthday and needed to get fit for it.  My son was also getting married in April 2016 and I dreaded the photos that would be taken.

It was not always easy and most people think living sugarfree means taking no sugar in your tea/coffee. The shopping and new way of cooking and preparing food was also quite intimidating at the beginning. I would say that the daily journaling exercises helped me get to the point where I could pinpoint where this addiction came from. I also had to work on a plan of action when I would crave sugar. This was worth it because I wrote it down and still use it now. I lost

After the 8 week programme I joined  Sugarfree September. My favourite was the periscopes with Karen and Emily!! The Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram posts were amazing and kept me going.  I learnt about WIGS ( Wildly improbable goals ) and so much about .nutrition!   Bryan Theare –  personal trainer with BigHealthyMe – was also introduced to us. His periscopes were very informative and motivated me to start working on getting fit for the Fish River hike. I started walking 3 times a week and doing parkruns on a Saturday.

Our 2 week holiday in September at the coast was spent SF with legal treats, swimming, sunbathing  and km’s of walking with my husband. I played with my grandkids, a big achievement for me as this was one of my goals.

Then came the online Sugar Free Program  in October. I won a spot in this 6 week course through a competition on Bryan Theare’s Facebook page. I followed his training programme that we got at the beginning of the 8 weeks. It was tough but only took 45 minutes each day – including the stretches. I could not even do a ladies push up when we started but after the 6 weeks I am doing them!

The online Forum was such a big help. It was a safe environment where I could post my daily food diary blogs, and take part in food discussions between the other participants. Emily helped when she looked at my food diary and gave me  advice and tips. Karen pushed me to the next level with the challenges that we got each week. The webinars were very informative and the links were inspiring! I also enjoyed the WhatssApp group that brought another level of support.

I have loads of energy now and feel 10 years younger. My health has improved so much and I could stop a lot of the chronic medication. I lost 19kg in 5 months and am still working  on losing the last 1,5 kg and joined the Ultimate You challenge to push through and to expand  on the exercising routine. Seeing the improvements on reps and times doing parkruns makes it all worth it!

Now that I need to fly solo ( a bit scary) after 6 months of online support I am still writing and referring to my journal. I have good and bad days. But I keep coming back to living SF because I FEEL so much healthier on it!! Did I achieve what I wanted 6 months ago? Definitely!!!

Thank you Karen and The Sugar Free Revolution team

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