Join the World’s FIRST Low Carb High Fat Convention Online

Do you want access top the world’s first Low Carb High Fat Conference hosted by Karen Thomson & Prof Tim Noakes?

 In 2015 the world’s top Low Carb High Fat nutrition and health experts gathered in Cape Town, South Africa,

for a massive four day conference.

It was a historic gathering.

Over 600 people attended in person but sadly those unable to make it to Cape Town missed it.

Now you have the chance to watch presentations by world-renown experts such as Gary Taubes,

Prof Tim Noakes, Dr Stephen Phinney, Dr Michael Eades, Dr Aseem Malhotra and more for only $4.99.

I am selling this video course valued at $250 for ONLY $4.99 for a limited period!

Sign up now and receive a FREE gift.

Join Speakers:
Prof Tim Noakes, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Dr Michael Eades, Dr Jason Fung, Dr Zoe Harcombe,
Dr Robert Cywes, Dr Jeffry Gerber, Dr Jay Wortman, Dr Andreas Eenfeldt and more.

Presentation topics include:

  • LCHF treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • how dietary changes can rapidly and substantially reduce risk of cardiovascular death
  • the cholesterol myth
  • athletes and fat adaptation and inflammation
  • weight control: calories vs insulin theory
  • stone-age body; space-age diet: nutrition, metabolism and mental health
  • when food becomes your medicine: the relationship between food and trauma
  • nutrition and cancer
  • practical implementation of a low-carb diet
  • the Atkins diet for obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • implementing dietary changes to reduce cardiovascular death
  •  the art and science of low-carb living
  • nutrition and mental health
  • changing perspectives: calories in vs calories out
I hope you decide to grab this incredible opportunity with both hands!
xox Karen

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