Kick Sugar Summit 2017

Get the TRUTH on Sugar Dependency

If you’re ready to lose weight, feel great and potentially reverse chronic diseases…
…attend and break free from sugar for good!

You can access it for free right here:
I’m being interviewed as one of the experts and they’ve added even more speakers:
Dr. Vera Tarman 
“Why We Are Drawn To Sugar & How To Stop”
Dr. Glenn Livingston 
“How to Never Binge Again”
Bitten Jonsson 
“The Effect Sugar Has On Your Body & Brain”
Kay Sheppard 
“Over 40 Years Without Sugar”
And over 20 other MD’s Ph.D’s, sugar researchers and experts.
It is truly the finest group of sugar educators ever assembled in one place to cover a topic so timely.
What is presented is many, many ways to stop or control sugar in your life.
Just few things the speakers talk about:
     – Natural, steady weight loss with no crazy exercise
     – How your skin will glow in just a few weeks
     – Greatly improved sleep
     – Real, tasty food – no pills, potions or shakes to buy
     – End sugar cravings forever
     – A very specific meal plan – no guesswork on recipes
     – End “brain fog” in just a few weeks
Two speakers have lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for over 20 years. One lost over 200 pounds.
If you feel sugar is an issue in your life please tune in. It’s 100% free and open to the public.
Be well,
All my love!

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