Kicking the Craving

Everyone loves a quick fix. “Earn thousands without leaving the house”, “Lose 10 kilos without diets and exercise” – we are looking to achieve our goals via the path of least resistance.

When it comes to giving up sugar, there is no easy method or magic formula. Giving up any substance dependency takes patience, compassion, love-of-self, support from others and a willingness to make some changes. The same goes for sugar addiction: there is no easy way. We have all had to learn to check our need for instant gratification at the door.

ELLE’s Life & Love expert, E. Jean, responded to an aspiring recovering sugar addict with her 8 steps to help kick the craving. We love some of these more practical guidelines, like asking friends and family for support, and limiting your daily food budget and thus your spend on sugary foods. My personal favourite is number 5: Imagining my enemy not caving to the sugar craving. Yip. That’ll do it!

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