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We are so excited to have the gorgeous Dominique Beneli Lamon from Beneli Body sharing her experience, strength and hope with us.

Dom is a qualified Wellness Coach, living sugar free and living the same spiritual principles and beliefs as we do here at SFR. Dom started her own  lifestyle blog, Beneli Body, in the hope that by sharing her journey of health, wellness and self-development she might inspire and motivate those around her.

We are so pleased to have her contributing to our blog and helping us spread the message Xx

My top 10 weight loss tips

1. HOT WATER – Every morning when you wake up drink a cup of filtered water with either lemon or apple cider vinegar in it. This helps to awaken our digestive system and is also good for alkalinity.

2. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP! At least 8 hours per night, and it should be a good, well rested sleep. Turn off the television, keep your mobile far from you and make the room dark (I opt for an eye mask when I sleep). Having a good nights rest assists with weight loss as it regulates our appetite hormones.

3. WATER – Drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day! Preferably filtered.

4. EXERCISE – This is one of the most obvious points. Always include weight training in your workouts as you need muscle to burn fat. So the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. Cardio is also important, so you could walk for 30 minutes a day, or do other cardio such as interval running, boxing, skipping.etc. Pilates and yoga are also great forms of exercise as they keep you toned and elongated. I am busy with Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides which are really great. You can buy them here – http://www.kaylaitsines.com.au/guides/.

5. MEAL SPACING – It is important to eat 3 meals a day with 2 snacks in-between. This helps with sugar stabilization but more importantly it keeps the metabolism going. An example of meal spacing could be: Breakfast – 7:00am, Snack – 10:00, Lunch – 13:00, Snack 16:00, and then dinner before 19:00. Mindful eating is also key whilst eating. Sit, chew and enjoy your food. Allow for rest whilst eating and digest after each meal.

6. PORTION CONTROL – Each meal that you have should include all of the macro nutrients that our bodies need to function. So a plate of food should look something like this:  ¼  protein, ¼ carbohydrates and ½ veg. Although, with that being said, if you are trying to lose weight, NO CARBOHYDRATES should be eaten after 15:00.

7. PROTEIN – Protein should be eaten at every meal as this helps curb hunger cravings. It is of most important to start your day with protein, so try and opt for a protein smoothie or eggs for breakfast. Don’t over do it on the protein though, as to much is bad for the liver and kidneys.

8. AVOID – Stay away from diet soda and artificial sweeteners as they make your body very acidic and create toxic build. This in turn messes with our hormones, which irritates our insulin levels. Other things to avoid which are obvious: cake, sweets, chips, deep fried foods.etc.

9. SUNSHINE – Researchers have proven that low vitamin D is linked to weight problems, so 30 minutes of daily sun is recommended for our dose of Vitamin D. It is best to expose your stomach to the sunshine.

10 – SUPPLEMENTS – We do not always get the needed supplements in our daily diets, so supplement with good vitamins and minerals on a daily basis is recommended for weight loss. Everybody should be consuming a good quality multivitamin on a daily basis. Probiotics morning and night are necessary, as well as omegas, zinc, spiralina and so on. Refer to my previous post for my recommended daily vitamins.

Xx Beneli Body

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