One on One Coaching With Karen Thomson and Emily Maguire

For many people, trying to make the switch to a fully sugar free lifestyle, although tough in the beginning, can seem pretty straightforward to do. However, given the environment that we live in and the social and emotional cues that surround us, fully making the switch and importantly sustaining the switch can be extremely difficult to do.

Two of the greatest tools that can really determine the difference between success and failure on changing any lifestyle habits is that of support and accountability. So many of us know the information and what we should and shouldn’t be doing. However, trying to implement this can be a whole other hurdle.

Karen and Emily have worked with thousands of people helping each of them on their personal journeys to become free from sugar once and for all. Consistently they have found it is when people feel “out there” on their own that a lapse or full relapse can happen. Likewise, if a stall or plateau occurs (if your goal is that of weight loss), frustration at a seemingly lack of progress can also cause someone to give up and return to their old way of eating.

The Sugar Free Revolution is all about getting as many people to be able to live a sugar fee life for good. In order to take this to the next level and help even more people, we are super excited to announce our personal one on one coaching with both Karen and Emily together.

If you are someone who has:

  • Struggled making the transition to a sugar free lifestyle
  • Keep lapsing and relapsing back to eating sugar
  • Cannot get a handle on your triggers and cravings
  • Have hit a plateau with your weight or inch loss
  • Feel you lack the self-motivation or confidence to try yourself
  • Unsure if your overall diet is a properly formulated LCHF/sugar free diet
  • Demonstrate patterns of binging and/or addictive behaviours towards sugar
  • Want to understand the nutrition and metabolism around sugar free living a little more

Then looking to sign up to the intensive 4 week sugar free living coaching with both Karen and Emily may be exactly what you need. Here is a snapshot of what will be included:

  • Analysis of your current food intake with recommendations on what to change or alter to achieve your goals
  • Specific tips and tricks to help with sugar cravings and withdrawals
  • 45-minute initial nutrition consultation with Emily
  • Weekly email diary check-in and access to Emily for nutrition queries and questions
  • Motivation and accountability calls/check ins with Karen
  • Analysis of food and sugar addiction
  • Understanding of how to manage your triggers and cravings with Karen
  • Helping to establish tools to boost motivation and internal reward


Essentially the overall ethos of the one on one coaching is that you will have direct and intensive access to both Karen and Emily in order to get you fully living a sugar free lifestyle for good.

We are offering this private coaching package valued at $750 for ONLY $500.

It’s time for you to get the support you deserve!

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