Sugar Free Revolution Online course is open for sign ups!

We are having the best time with you all on Sugar Free September and dont want it to end! As such we have decided to launch a very special 6 week online program to empower you in body, mind & spirit.

  • Do you want to maximise weight loss?
  • Beat your sugar addiction?
  • Learn tips, tools and tricks to empower your lifestyle?
  • Be part of a private online support forum?
  • Have access to expert webinars?
  • Receive weekly meal plans? A choice of TWO plans: Ketogenic/Weight loss meal plans or Beat your sugar addiction/Maintenance plans.
  • Receive weekly exercise plans?
  • Have weekly food diary checks with Emily?
  • Empower yourself to make this a lifestyle change?
  • Help with any plateaus or problems with energy and

You can have all of that and more if you join our brand new 6 week online program targeted at helping YOU achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Emily and I will assist you in setting goals, achieving results, changing your mindset and personally supporting you every step of the way.

This is what you will get if you sign up today:

  • Weekly webinars with Karen Thomson & Emily Maguire as well as access to world experts such as Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra during these private webinars.
  • Private online support forum moderated by us.
  • Weekly meal plans and recipes focussed on weight loss/ketogenic living or weight maintanance/breaking your sugar addiction.
  • Weekly food diary checks and adjustments to personalise and maximise your results.
  • Weekly exercise plans formulated by fitness expert Bryan Teare.
  • Journalling, affirmations and goal setting to empower you in body, mind & spirit.

No matter what your goals we can help you achieve them! We will be your biggest cheerleaders in achieving your miraculous lifestyle change.

Anything is possible, we are with you every step of the way.

Together we can do what we cannot do alone!

This program runs from 19 October – 29 November.

Whether you want to attain that bikini body, get in shape for summer or break your sugar addiction we can assist.


Great value, world class support, guidance and so much more!


Sign up below and invite a friend or buddy to join us on this 6 week adventure of becoming the very best you!



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17 Responses to “Sugar Free Revolution Online course is open for sign ups!”

  1. Brenda

    Hi Karen, just wanted to check, the webinars, are they similar to the youtube videos on the Beginner Banting course? Those work really well, as I do not have the Periscope App, it was not possible to always view the “chats” and therefore I missed out on some of the content.

    Please let me know if the format for the online course will be the same as the Real Meal Beginner Banting?

    Thanks a stack

    • Karen Thomson

      Hi Brenda,
      Thanks so much for your questions. Our webinars are alot more interactive as you are actually allow you to view the conversation/interview live which enables you to ask questions and comment during that time. The videos will only be accesible to participants and hosted on a special webinar platform.

      The format is very different as our focus is on being available to you to interact with and adjust things as neccesary. There will be alot more interaction with experts.

      There is also a larger focus on empowering mind and spirit through journalling, introspective exercises etc.

      It’s going to be amazing!

      • Brenda

        sounds great to me, thank you Karen! I need this xx

      • Brenda

        Hi Karen, I’ve just paid via PayPal for the 6 wk online course, please could you let me know what happens next, I did not enter any of my details or register as such, how is it now confirmed I’m a participant and will start the course on the 19th?

        Kindly confirm

        Thx very much

  2. Dawn

    I need to loose weight so will my meal plans be made with my needs in mind or will all people on the loose weight plan be given the exact same weekly meal plan during this six week online class?

    • Karen Thomson

      Hi Dawn,

      You will initially get a choice of two plans which will then be adjusted to suit your needs by Emily. We have weekly food diary checks so your meal plan will be asessed weekly to ensure best results.
      xxx Karen

  3. Michelle

    I am in Australia but would like to take part, will the menus have ingredients easily accessible in Australia?

    • Karen Thomson

      Dear Michelle,
      Absolutely! We are trying to keep it simple as much as possible. If you should struggle to find something we will replace it with something else.
      We will be here to support you every step of the way.
      xxx Karen

  4. Debbie

    Hi Karen,

    Will we get all the info closer to the date as to how to login /register.
    Thanks debbie

    • Karen Thomson

      HI Debbie,
      Absolutely! You will be sent a mail containing everything you need to know on the 18th of October, it’s going to be fantastic xxx

  5. Laurie Faith G.

    I’m in the US – when do the live webinars usually occur day/time zone ? Will these be any tricky meal planning adjustments to make per recipes or availability of ingredients?

    • Karen Thomson

      Dear Laurie,

      We are trying to keep it as easy and simple as possible for people from all over the world. Same with Webinars, which if cannot be viewed live will be available for viewing at your leisure.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.
      xxx Karen

  6. sandy

    HI Karen, I have a a rampant food addiction – cycles of eating well, followed by complete abandon. Will this course address that issue?

    • Karen Thomson

      HI Sandy,

      Please mail me [email protected] so we can make arrangements to chat telephonically.
      x Karen

    • Brenda

      Hi Karen and Sandy,

      I can totally relate with what your challenge is, Sandy, it’s the same for me. I’ve joined up for the course, but I’m worried I let is slip anyway, it’s become worse and more difficult to abstain, I truly hope the program
      Will help me back on track, thank you for your good work karen

  7. Annie

    Hi I am at my target weight. I still have the odd craving for sugar. Would this course help me to keep to my target weight?

    • Karen Thomson

      Dear Annie,

      absolutely, the 6 week course is about so much more than just weight loss, its about reaching your full potential and finding freedom in other areas of your life.

      If you have any other questions please feel free to mail me [email protected] xxx


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