Pesto ‘pasta’

During my sugar and carb addiction days my favourite comfort meal was pesto pasta.

I’d have a HUGE bowl of highly processed ‘carbage’. Not only was the pasta terrible but the pesto sauce was made with highly processed vegetable oil which has been shown to cause inflammation.

Luckily my favourite recipe can easily be changed into a fabulous Low Carb, Sugar Free meal that is quick, easy and nutritious.

Pesto ‘pasta’

Serves 1

– 75g pine nuts

– 200ml olive oil (leave 50ml aside)

– 1 large handful fresh basil

– 50g Parmesan

–  Salt and pepper, to taste

– 1 tsp lemon juice

Heat a small saucepan and cook the pine nuts until they are golden. Stir occasionally to prevent burning, then blitz in a food processor with 150ml of the olive oil and all the other ingredients.

Pour into a jar and add the remaining 50ml olive oil. Cover with a lid and keep in the fridge for 10-14 days, then serve with courgettini or butternut squash spaghetti.

Heat a small saucepan and cook the pine nuts until they are golden. Stir occasionally to prevent burning, then blitz in a food processor with 150ml of the olive oil and all the other ingredients to prepare the pesto for your pesto 'pasta'

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