Presence as a Gift

‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year! It could also be nerve-wrecking to some of us who are trying to steer clear of the sugary temptations. The holidays are tough for a lot of us. For varying reasons, it’s not always good times and laughs. Be mindful of how you’re feeling and also be mindful of what others might be feeling.

It’s really good for us to socialize, so make sure you surround yourself with happy, cheerful friends and family. Limit your exposure to negativity and negative people in general and have fun!

Laughing releases feel-good hormones that does a body good, literally!

Get plenty of sleep, eat right, keep your stress levels down, and let’s not forget about physical exercise, even if it’s just getting out for a nice brisk walk.

Try and incorporate the following prinicples into your daily life and watch your relationships blossom:

  • Focus on an attitude of gratitude.       Choose to make the best of every situation.
  • Keep affirming yourself and inviting beautiful things into your life by focusing on the positive.
  • Be present. Your presence is the greatest gift. Spend time with loved ones, friends and family. Make eye contact, listen and create a space of love.
  • Make a point of complimenting others. How seldom we forget that the smallest things are what matters most.
  • Hug, laugh and don’t forget to play.

This is indeed the season to be jolly, its not just about the physicl gifts we give but also the emotional support and nurturing that we all need to survive.

Here are some of my favourite DIY gifts that focus on prinicples of gratitude, love and understanding.

The Key Jar: the key to unlocking your childs heart

Gratitude Jar

Affirmation Chart

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