“Reasons the Treadmill Doesn’t Suck” – Beneli Body

I’m not the greatest fan of exercise, I really wish I was. I always seem to have an excuse and will put it off until tomorrow….. The thing is that exercise has SO many amazing health benefits such as:

  • reducing stress
  • boosting energy
  • promoting sleep
  • strengthening muscles

and more.

The gorgeous Dom Lamon from Beneli Body shares her Reasons the treadmill doesn’t suck:

1. You can run rain or shine. Neither snow, rain, heat, nor a freaking tornado will keep you from getting your run on.

2. You won’t get run over by cars, bikes, or running clubs. Nothing like a swarm of runners in half-marathon T-shirts to throw you off your stride. On the treadmill, your only potential collision is with a soft gym towel dabbing your sweat off your face

3. You can still race. Anyone’s monitor is fair game for a one-sided sprint to the finish. “You’re at a speed 7? Then I’m bumping it to an 8. Eat my dust, treadmill neighbor!” is not what you should say. But feel free to think it 😉

4. You can turn up the tunes. No need to keep volume low so you can hear traffic (like you should while running outside). Enjoy that playlist at whatever volume you please. P.S. It’s proven that loud music can help running time & endurance.

5. You can watch endless TV with zero guilt. Sure, butt-numbing binge watching on the couch doesn’t do a body good. But on the treadmill, those series becomes a virtue.

6. You can perfect your form. Are you standing tall with your arms at 90 degrees and knees slightly bent?

7. You can circuit train without scouting for equipment. Forget hunting for a park bench post-run to do triceps dips. On the gym’s treadmill, it’s hop on, run, hop off, hit the weights, rinse, and repeat. Plus, there’s zero chance the weights will be covered in pigeon poop, which we can’t say for park benches.

8. You don’t have to obey stoplights. No bobbing from one foot to another to keep your heart rate up while waiting for the light to change.

9. You can do interval training without the awkwardness. The start-stop of doing intervals outside can feel pretty awkward. But on the treadmill, that’s part of the program—literally! It’s a pre-programmed session.

10. You feel super fast. When jogging outside, it can feel like you’re shuffling along at the pace of a small wiener dog with half-inch legs. But that’s not the case when you’re running in place—no matter your actual speed.

11. You don’t have to lug things around. Water bottle? Keys? Sweat Towel? There’s a cubby for each of them on the treadmill.

12. You can save that GPS watch money. No need to splurge on a fancy watch or running app that doesn’t work half the time. Treadmills track your time and distance. The best part: It’s completely free! So put that watch fund toward a new pair of running shoes.

13. You don’t have to worry about darkness. Running outside at nighttime requires taking precautions.

14. You can create mountains out of no hills. On the treadmill you can get the benefit of running both uphill and down. Simply adjust the incline!

15. You can run an exact distance. On the treadmill, your run is tracked in a linear path. Two km’s really is two km’s.

xx Beneli Body xx

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