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Most people in the world are addicted to sugar, which is directly leading to massive spikes in obesity, chronic health conditions and self-destructive behaviors.

The Sugar Free Revolution was started to combat this epidemic, and help people kick the addiction, lose weight, feel incredible, and prevent a lifetime of pain for themselves and their families.

“I saved the lives of 150 people through heart transplantations. If I had cared about preventative medicine earlier, I would have saved 150 million people.”

Prof Christiaan Barnard
Cardiac Surgeon, Performed World’s First Human-To-Human Heart Transplant

My name is Karen Thomson, and I’m the founder here at The Sugar Free Revolution.

Karen Thomson

I’m incredibly proud to call Professor Christiaan Barnard my grandfather.

I found the words of that quote scribbled on a piece of paper buried deep in his belongings my mother had kept, years after he died.

The minute I read those it felt like I got hit with a ton of bricks.

For years I had been battling with my own issues – an eating disorder, relationship addictions, emotional turmoil, and having this hole in my inner being, unable to be filled by anything.

After being rescued from my own issues by my loving family, I knew I had to make drastic changes and set my life on a different track. After getting clean, I took a long, hard look at my inner demons, and found that from the age of 6, my primary love and emotional fallback had been sugar.

My Sugar Addiction Caused Me to Spiral Out of Control. 

Whether it be candy, processed breads, or anything else that gave that quick hit of processed carbs, I found myself craving those things, and even turning to bigger and more dangerous substances like slimming pills, alcohol and cigarettes to try and quench that addiction.

I grew up deeply admiring and respecting my grandfather, and wanted to carry on his legacy in a deep and meaningful way. When I first read that note in the quote above, I instantly knew the path in front of me, and The Sugar Free Revolution was born.

The Sugar Free Revolution Mission:


To Break Sugar Addiction in 150 Million People Worldwide, Which Will Improve Quality of Lives, and Reverse the Course of Chronic Conditions.

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