Sugar is no longer my master – I choose to be sugar free! by Barrie Paine

There is nothing more powerful and moving than witnessing empowered lifestyle change in someone’s life. Barrie has taken control of his health and wellbeing and has experienced the most magnificent changes.

Here is his story:

By: Barrie Paine – Age: 41

I had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in 2008.

My life, prior to Sugar Free, for around 19 years was full of junk food all things high in carbs and refined sugars. As a T2DM sufferer I should not have even considered eating as bad as I did. I felt that if I took my meds I could eat what I wanted to. This was ridiculous and did nothing to aid weight loss for one.

My Sugar Free journey began in mid-January 2015. I had yo-yoed in the 130kg to 141kg range for the previous 12 years. To illustrate further, I was 85kg when I finished tertiary education 20 years ago being extremely active and playing sport 5 days per week. I moved overseas to the UK for 7 years and then the wheels fell off with my health and weight due to my sugar and carb addiction. By the time I returned to SA 12 years ago I had ballooned to 130kg.

I gym’d for over 12 months 4 days a week and weight wasn’t shifting. Being insulin resistant I now truly believe that exercise makes little to no difference to the weight loss but diet is essential. Carrying the weight around has been detrimental to my health overall and been restrictive in my being physically active in keeping up with my very young son and daughter.

Finding the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle was like finding a lighthouse on a foggy, stormy night on the ocean just in time before crashing your ship onto jagged rocks. I actually really didn’t find it as hard to adjust to as I thought it was going to be.

I feel that the food I am now choosing to eat is delicious and nutritious and is returning me to health. It is purely a change in attitude to heal myself that has made it really very simple. I don’t allow myself to feel like I have deprived myself in any way. It has made a massive difference to every aspect of my life. I now have more energy and feel more positive with life in general.

Sugar is no longer my master. I choose to be sugar-free!

My progress in 10 months to date:

  • Weightloss – Jan 2015 – 141kg / Oct 2015 – 115kg – total of 26kg down
  • BMI – Jan 2015 – 45 / Sep 2015 – 39
  • HbA1c – Jan 2015 – 6.7 ave glucose 8.1 / May 2015 – 5.3 ave glucose 5.8 (waiting for new results)
  • Waist circumference – Jan 2015 – 141cm / Sep 2015 – 118cm
  • Medication – Jan 2015 – 2 x 1000mg Metformin & 1 x 30mg Diamicron daily
  • Medication – Sep 2015 – 1 x 850mg Metformin daily

The journey isn’t yet over. Next target set is 90kg weight (51kg loss) which I plan to have done by early 2016.

Barrie Paine – My journey to a healthier me


What an incredibly inspiring story! Well done Barrie, keep leading by example.

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xxx Karen

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