Sugar worse than just empty calories?

Could sugar be responsible for the obesity and diabetes epidemics?


We’ve all heard sugar being referred to as ’empty’ calories but what if it’s FAR worse than we’ve expected?


Read Gary Taubes’s article “What if sugar is worse than just empty calories? An essay by Gary Taubes” published in The British Medical Journal today.


He discusses the key messages:

  • Physicians and public health authorities have long hypothesised that dietary sugar could cause obesity and type 2 diabetes

  • Until recently, fat consumption and total energy balance have dominated the debate about obesity and health

  • Recent recommendations on consumption target sugar only for its calories rather than as a potential causal agent of disease

  • The evidence that sugar has harmful qualities independent of its calories is ambiguous

  • While we develop better science, we should strengthen recommendations against consumption


Read the full article here.

The Case Against Sugar

If you are interested in his book ‘The Case Against Sugar’, you can do so here:


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