The Banting & Sugar Free Revolution spreads through Africa

I am blown away by The Noakes Foundation and all that they are doing to empower the health of South Africans. They have launched a campaign called: Eat Better South Africa aimed at taking the LCHF way of life into communities that previously wouldn’t have access to it.

Dr Hassina Kajee (pictured above), lead physician at Groote Schuur’s high care unit is one of the amazing women leading this revolution alongside Jayne Bullen, Euodia Samson and Rita Venter. Dr Kajee recently spoke to about the Eat Better South Africa campaign: “Underprivileged people generally eat less healthy foods. Carb-rich foods tend to be cheaper. The vicious cycle continues with underprivileged people becoming unhealthier and developing chronic illnesses with long-lasting effects, resulting in a lack of income due to job loss,” she says.

“While many assume that eating healthy food is expensive, this is a myth. The Banting lifestyle promotes eating of the entire animal, bones and all. Cheaper sources of protein can be found in offal and eggs.”

The diet also promotes eating only two meals a day without snacks, Kajee explains.

“This form of eating actually is more cost-effective. There is no buying of juice, cereal, bread, cool drinks, cakes, chocolates or biscuits. Your shopping becomes more ‘concise’, being limited to real foods – and vegetables can be grown in your own garden,” she says.

Between the exposure and awareness raised by my and Emily Maguire‘s Sugar Free September Challenge and the work The Noakes Foundation have been doing with the Ocean View Educational Program, some private organisations and groups have run their own challenges off the back of these campaigns.

Sierre Leone

South African Jacques Brun, who works in  Sierra Leone, took the program into the mines and got a group of the mineworkers to participate. The results and impact it is having on the community has been beyond our wildest expectations and incredibly humbling.

Jacques sent me this email on Friday giving some feedback as to the progress:

the group is now embarking on community discussions and Church to Church sensitization about excess consumption of sugar and its negative effects in the human body and people are pleased with the teachings and contributions were made also suggestion were made by some community authorities and these are some of the suggestions.

To raise community awareness campaigns

  1. To involve schools
  2. Churches
  3. Mosques

The involvement of the above named institutions will help disseminate the information and to help eradicate the excess consumption of sugar in Sierra Leone.

Thank you Jacques for spreading the Sugar Free Revolution message to so many who previously would not have had any access to it. This is what this revolution is all about.

Groote Schuur

A hospital close to my heart (and literally  five minutes drive from my house) is Groote Schuur where my grandpa Christiaan Barnard performed the first human heart transplant in 1967. Whilst this is widely known not many people know that my granny Louwtjie Barnard was a nurse at the hospital who sewed the heart valves used in his operations by hand. My gran pretty much raised me during my formative years so  being able to interact with the nursing community at a hospital where whe was a sister was incredibly symbolic to me.

A group of 24 nurses from Groote Schuur Trauma Unit had committed to participate in the challenge. I was so inspired by them and the work they did, not only changing their own lives but those of their families as well.

Dr Hassina Kajee monitored their progress and the results were beyond their wildest expectations. The winner, Nurse Duku lost a total of 18kg’s since September!

Keep checking in as we continue to support these amazing ladies on their Sugar Free journey.

Please let us know if you have any inspiring messages to share. We will never stop supporting those choosing to make a difference.

xxxx Karen

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