YOUR thoughts on sugar…

My amazing friend and Banting ‘Hoofmeisie’ (headgirl) Rita Fernandes Venter recently ran a competition on her Banting 7 Day Meal Plans Facebook page to celebrate the group reaching 175 000 members. Yes, that’s no typo.

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Thanks to each and every single person who took the time to comment. You blew me away with your amazing slogans.

Here are some of my favourites:

My mum mobility has been robbed from her due to this thing called SUGAR..her amputation broke her down from the strong woman we know to that of a watch her crawlin around the house to help herself is heartsore..We as her kids now live in fear of which one of us wil b next

Sugar – like a cat burglar it steals what you hold dear; kids focus ability, family activity, physical health, self esteem. There’s a warrant out for your arrest in my family!

Had I knew when they advertise “sugar gives you go” that they were destroying me, I wouldn’t have touched that slow poison. If I knew I was killing my family slowly with sugary things I would have never served them at all, now have a type 2 diabetic now. I curse the day I I started using anything unhealthy to my family , Never Again.

Sugar: Cancer’s Drug of Choice!

Oh Sugar Sugar…..Killing me Sweetly!

Sugar…… like cocaine pure white and DEADLY!

Age has no restriction on sugar addiction!!

Sugar by any other name is still POISON!!

Sugar, sugar where did you go, straight to my hips, that I should know !!

Sugar and rice, and all things nice , makes you look, size thrice….

sugar – the slow killer

Eat less sugar, you’re sweet enough already

Sugar isn’t just an empty calorie. It’s dangerous. Prevention by avoidance is tomorrow’s “cure” today.

Sugar is like the emotional abusive boyfriend. It’s so good and then when it’s too late it has broken you down slowly


The winners are:

Natasha Carries and Esther Dlamini. Please mail me: [email protected] with your delivery address so I can get your books to you ASAP.


Thanks to everyone else that took part.

Such love and respect to you all for standing up and fighting for your health.

Together we can do what we cannot do alone and Rita’s amazing group is testament to that.

All my love,


p.s. Don’t forget to join our Sugar Free Book Webinar Series here:


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  1. Jenni

    Hi Karen
    Thanks so much for that uplifting and informative webinar this evening – Wednesday 25/05/2016.
    The question I asked was related to HRT and the resurgence of terrible carb cravings, enlarged breasts etc etc.
    I have put on 5 kg since starting HRT in November.
    I am administering 2 creams from the Compounding pharmacy. It contains oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone.
    It has definitely helped with the hot flushes and lurking anxiety, which is wonderful, but……those cravings.
    I would appreciate any information or suggestions.

    Thanks so very much.
    You are an inspiration

    PS I couldn’t send the email via the address, so am trying this way.


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