The First International Low Carb High Fat Health Summit

Today marks the anniversary of an event that changed my life.

Exactly one year ago Prof Tim Noakes and I hosted The Old Mutual Health Summit featuring 17 international health experts from all around the world.

In the video below Prof Nooakes describes the summit as a ‘realisation of a dream that will allow us to take this message globally’.

Dr Andreas Eenfeldt aka The Diet Doctor from Sweden posted this video shortly after the event took place.

If you’d like to read our summaries of the speakers talks then click on the links below:

Gary Taubes

Dr Michael Eades

Prof Tim Noakes

Dr Stephan Phinney

Jimmy Moore

Dr Andreas Eenfeldt

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Dr Robert Cywes

Dr Jason Fung

Dr Ann Childers

The convention is available to view online and if you click on the link below you can access it for $49 instead of $69.

Buy Now

So what’s next?


I’m hoping London and then the United States.

Massive thanks to special team members Gillian Mitri, Andrea Defarges, Samantha Snoek, Publicity SA, Old Mutual and obviously the greatest thanks to all the speakers for making this possible.

You are all amazing!

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