The Holiday Write-Off

Arrgggh, the food, the family, the alcohol – it is a steady flow of all the things that trigger my worst self! All of the things I try so hard to abstain from are dished up in front of me at every turn – my mother, sugar, roast potatoes, red white. The festive season is not for me!

I sound a little ungrateful now, and like the Grinch who stole Christmas. Truthfully, I love Christmas. I love my family; I love the sense of community and belonging. And it does get easier every year. In fact, the alcohol really isn’t even an issue any more, and neither is the sugar. Although I do inevitably end up eating too much and that is still a little tricky to navigate in the aftermath.

I still don’t deal well with indulging, but I have gotten a lot better at quieting the voices in my head. And that’s all it’s about really, knowing that it’s ok to enjoy the holidays and know that not one of us will get it 100% right this time of year. The trick is to practice forgiveness, give yourself the time to live a little knowing that when the New Year rolls around you will have to take back the reins and get back in the horse.

I advise knowing exactly which tools work for you before loosening the reins, and having the support you need lined up and ready for you when the time comes to get it together again. I spent so much of the holiday thinking about back on track that I was actually excited when I got back to work and back into routine. But not so much that I wasn’t present to the luxuries I was allowing myself to enjoy. The holidays are a special time and everyone should get to enjoy them in a healthy way that suits you. Just as long as you know when to stop and you’re prepared to ask for help of need be.

We’re here if you need us 🙂



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