The Low Carb High Fat Experts Online Convention is live!

Following the superbly succesful Low Carb High Fat Convention in Cape Town earlier this year the online version is now available for anyone wanting to access to the largest and most comprehensive LCHF resource in the world!

This is the only place that you will have access to all lectures from the convention as well as transcribed notes, references, slides, studies and more.

Get it here for a discounted price of $49 instead of $69. That’s a $20 discount available to anyone wanting access to world expert speakers such as Gary Taubes, Prof Tim Noakes, Dr Eric Wetsman, Dr Michael Eades, Dr Andreas Eenfeldt, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Dr Stephan Phinney, Zoe Harcombe, Dr Jay Wortman, Christine Cronau, Dr Ann Childers, Dr Jason Fung, Dr Jeff Gerber, Jimmy Moore, Dr Roberrt Cywes and Dr Gary Fettke.


2 Responses to “The Low Carb High Fat Experts Online Convention is live!”

  1. Theo Truter

    Thanks Karen
    Although I cannot afford the , I will continue my support.
    Today we were approached by a Indian community organizing
    a medical-convention about Banting.
    Hopefully you & the Prof could become speakers there.
    We’re available to act there as successful banters seeing as Annemarie ( my wife)
    is busy beating her Insulin requirement as well as weight-loss!
    Kind regards

    • Karen Thomson

      That is amazing Theo! Thank you so much for your continued support. Please let me know how I can assist you.Keep up the great work.Karen


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