The new science of sugar addiction with Dr Nicole Avena

The first of my Sugar Free Book Webinar Series kicks off this Thursday (12 May 2016) with Research Neuroscientist Dr Nicole Avena and we’ll be discussing the new science of sugar addiction.

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Dr Avena is a pioneer in her field focussing her research on abnormal eating behaviors in an effort to understand the brain mechanisms that contribute to overeating rewarding foods such as processed, sugary foods.

In her animal studies she and her colleagues have found that rats maintained on a diet schedule that induces binge eating of sugar can result in several behaviors and changes in the dopamine and opioid brain systems that resemble an “addiction.”

Dr Avena also contributed a chapter on sugar addiction to the revised version of my book Sugar Free: 8 weeks to freedom from sugar and carb addiction to be published in the UK, Australia and New Zealand 17 June 2016.

You can pre-order your copy of Sugar Free by clicking on the image below.

During my interview with Dr Avnea we’ll be discussing:

  • Appetite and brain mechanisms – why people don’t always eat what is healthy.
  • How foods can be rewarding.
  • What exactly is addiction? Which criteria need to be met and how do we define addiction?
  • What is the difference between food and sugar addiction in contrast to ‘normal’ rewarding experiences?
  • The research about food being addictive not only in animal models but humans as well.
  • Why is it hard for some people to stick to low carb diets?
  • Why are so many people obese or overweight and why do people struggle to regulate their food intake?
  • Hedonics – Are we eating to survive or just for pleasure?
  • What happens in the brain when we eat?
  • Do highly processed foods containing added sugar highjack the brain’s reward system?
  • Could some people be ‘addicted’ to eating highly-palatable foods rich in sugar and fats in ways that resemble drug addiction?
  • With sugary foods, is the pattern of dopamine release similar to that of other foods or drugs?
  • Could sugar act as a gateway drug?

This is definitely a webinar NOT to be missed. If you can’t join us live then sign up in order to watch the replay at your leisure.

Register for The Sugar Free Book Webinar Series here

To find out more about Dr Nicole Avena and the amazing work that she is doing please vidit her webiste here.

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