The Noakes Foundation Launch Education Program

The Noakes Foundation has just finished a month-long initiative in Ocean View in Cape Town. Professor Noakes and his team decided to take things a step further with the Banting Diet. The intention behind the project was to kick-start an educational program for women’s diets in impoverished communities.


Professor Noakes has invested time and energy in changing the lives of people around the world, by losing weight and living healthier lives. When the feedback from the group, after a month on the controversial “diet”, starting pouring in the participants could barely contain their excitement. Women have lost from 6 – 8 kg in a month; one chemotherapy patient is experiencing less nausea and feeling more energetic. The results have been phenomenal.


Karen was invited to address the group after their month was up, speaking about addiction and her experience. Professor Noakes describes Karen’s speech as “one of the best speeches I have ever heard in my life”.


Karen starts off by shedding light on the concept of sugar addiction and goes on to discuss the power of the group and that Banting is not just a food revolution but a complete life change. She commends this amazing group of women for leading by example and having the power to positively influence their community.


Hear more of what Karen had to say:

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