The Old Mutual Health Convention testimonial

“Last week Cape Town International Convention Centre played host to the first ever Low Carb, High Fat Health Summit. Leading professionals who have spent years researching the fundamentals and impacts of a low carb, high fat diet flocked to our shores to share their knowledge with South African medical professionals and the interested layman. The caliber of doctor, professor and researcher that Karen Thomson (organiser) and Old Mutual successfully brought together for this spearhead LCHF Health Summit was distinct.

The conference was flawlessly and professionally executed, with an air of ease and familial bonding over shared interests and struggles. The commonality in their passion for the cause, as well as their dedication to spreading the knowledge, built a tangible rapport between the speakers such that by the time each took to the microphone he markedly felt at home. In turn, an atmosphere of comfort and ease existed in Auditorium 2, making the learning effortless and some difficult truths easier to digest.

I, for one, walked out of the conference after a few days feeling new resolve to change my eating habits. Not that there is much room for change within the parameters of a LCHF, which I have in essence been following for some time, bar some personal liberties taken. Naturally, after over 2 years of living a fairly regimented diet one is likely to get complacent. With the same success as on previous similar occasions, Prof. Tim Noakes has reignited my ardent adaptation to a low carb, high fat lifestyle. In listening to some of the other speakers, I learned some things I hadn’t learned before in the years of eating sugar-free. I was also reminded of some things: like why I chose to live this way in the first place and why I believe so ardently in its positive effects on my life.

Being the first city to ever host a conference this size on this subject, with this number highly-acclaimed professionals, is just cause for patriotic celebration. Old Mutual, Professor Noakes and Karen can give themselves a well-earned pat on the back.”

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