The Real Meal Revolution’s Beginner Banting Course

Hi Everyone,

I am really excited to announce my collaboration with the Jonno Proudfoot and Prof Tim Noakes from The Real Meal Revolution for The Beginner Banting Online Course.

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The course runs over six weeks and covers Low Carb High Fat/Banting lectures, videos, recipes and information presented by Prof Tim Noakes and Jonno. You can also track your meals, record your weight loss and join the supportive (and private) online forum moderated by nutritional coaches.

In addition to this we will also be including sugar/food addiction modules and lectures which will help you address the underlying issues relating to overeating and comfort eating.

Couch time with Jonno.
Couch time with Jonno.

I have no doubt that this course will assist you in laying a very firm foundation to leading a happy, healthy and empowered life.

You can join here.

I hope to see you there!

xxx Karen

23 Responses to “The Real Meal Revolution’s Beginner Banting Course”

  1. lindieclaassens

    Hi Karen, my Sugar Free arrived today. I am so grateful and excited to start my sugar free (addiction free) journey. Addiction is very real and has been part of my life ever since I can remember. I would really like to do the Banting Online course to learn to break the chain of addiction. I want to teach my family how important it is to take care of themselves and most importantly love themselves. I believe that this online course will give me the tools and knowledge I need for making a difference in my home, family and community.

  2. Gerdalize Bukes

    Hi Karen, I start so good and have good intentions but weekends is a real struggle for me. I also like to have ideas for lunch boxes for school everything has sugar in

  3. Rene van der Schyff

    I would give 300% if you choose me to do the online banting programme.

  4. Aleesa shepheard

    It starts with me… once i learn how to eat i can teach my kids and husband too!

  5. Gill

    I have lost 56 kg over the past few years of which the last year was due to Banting. I have a fairly good knowledge of what’s works and what doesn’t work for myself, but would love to learn more about the why and how’s to really cement my new lifestyle. I have a passion to motivate and support new Banters, and this new found knowledge from your course will help me achieve this. Thank you for all you do for the Banting community xoxo

  6. Simon Thompson

    I have a P in my name… a GP who wishes to halt disease rather than throw drugs at it.

  7. Lisa

    I tried to do the banting on my own, but must be doing something wrong. I have no gallbladder and did not feel good on it.

    I’m 43 and very obese, so is my husband (48) and one daughter (16 weighing in at 92). Two younger kids 12 and 9. I desperately need help as I can’t do thos on my own.

    • Lisa

      O yes I’m a sugar addict, but now my body is protesting. Not that easy to stop though.

  8. Annamarie

    It is my dream to work with people and to help them to make better food choices, so if I win this course that will be be exactly what I would do for people

  9. Linda Booysen

    Hi Karen I stopped smoking 15 years ago and I think that was easier than quiting sugar. Suddenly since reading your articles I have more cravings for sweets and starch also with the winter coming its almost as if I want to stock up. …………
    I list 10kg last year by just having my coffee black and cutting out starch of my dieet, so I do agree with everyone that says its not fat that makes you fat it definitely is SUGAR. Interresting if you look at the prices for artificial sweetner and sugar……. sweetners have become very expensive.

    I would love to have one if your books but might have to wait until it is a little bit more affordable for me, or for someone to bless me with one..
    Thank you for sharing your God given wisdom with us.

  10. Elsabe

    I have been unsuccessfully trying to bant for 6 months. I am desperate to loose 40 kilograms before I turn 50 and I need to loose the weight to relieve pressure abd pain of my knee to prevent immediate need for a total knee replacement.

  11. Cheryl

    I would love to do the course to get myself on tracÄ· with my banting journey, as a single mom, i am desperately trying to do this on a budget but am battling, need as much info as possible.

  12. Bridgette

    Love banting and would like to start but don’t know how.

  13. Hilda

    howdo i join the online beginners banting course. I am starting to expand from all angles now..

  14. Amelia Lancaster

    I def can’t afford these books now but I am struggling heavy. 32l of Coke a day or any other cooldrink snacks during the day and sugar in my coffee it’s hard to get off it. Headaches nauchious stomach cramps etc


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