The Real Meal Revolution’s Beginner Banting Course

Hi Everyone,

I am really excited to announce my collaboration with the Jonno Proudfoot and Prof Tim Noakes from The Real Meal Revolution for The Beginner Banting Online Course.

The course runs over six weeks and covers Low Carb High Fat/Banting lectures, videos, recipes and information presented by Prof Tim Noakes and Jonno. You can also track your meals, record your weight loss and join the supportive (and private) online forum moderated by nutritional coaches.

In addition to this we will also be including sugar/food addiction modules and lectures which will help you address the underlying issues relating to overeating and comfort eating.

Couch time with Jonno.

I have no doubt that this course will assist you in laying a very firm foundation to leading a happy, healthy and empowered life.

You can join here.

I hope to see you there!

xxx Karen

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