The Sugar Free Show with Dr Andreas Eenfeldt

Today Emily and I had the privilege of interviewing Dr Andreas Eenfeldt aka The Diet Doctor from Sweden.

Dr Eenfeldt has been one of my Low Carb heroes since I started my personal journey to better health in 2011. His website and blog provides information to help make low carb simple.

His aim is “to vastly improve guides to effortless weight loss, vibrant health and mind-blowing diabetes reversal on low carb. And become the world’s most trustworthy, simple and inspirational place for it.”

I absolutely believe that he has already accomplished this and is blazing the trail to empower people everywhere to revolutionise their health.

You can view our webinar by clicking on the image below:

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Our next webinars are coming up soon:

Friday, 11 March at 9am SAST: Christine Cronau

Tuesday, 15 March 8pm SAST: Nina Teicholz

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Let us know what you thought of the webinar and what you want to know more of!

XXX Karen and Emily

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