The Sugar Free Show with Dr Caryn Zinn

Emily and I will be hosting The Sugar Free Show with ‘The Whole-food Dieitian’, Dr Caryn Zinn on Wednesday, 20 April at 8am SAST.

I know this is an awkward time but it’s the only way we could make it work with our timezones. If you can’t join us live no worries, you can watch the replay at your leisure.

Caryn is a Registered Dietitian and sports nutritionist. Her master’s degree was in the area of sports nutrition and her doctoral studies focused on how to achieve sustainable weight loss. Caryn currently combines academic work with her own clinical dietetic practice. She believes this mix of academia and practice keeps her real and on the cutting edge of knowledge (and busy).

It has been two years since Caryn altered her nutrition philosophies from the mainstream “food pyramid” approach towards the whole-food, LCHF lifestyle. “When LCHF first came onto my radar, I initially dismissed it – after all, it goes against the grain of much of the perceived academic wisdom. But going back over the evidence has convinced me the current recommendations are based on flawed science,” explains Caryn.

Known as “The Whole-food Dietitian” and a leader in this field, Caryn’s mission is to influence the thinking and practice of the dietetic profession to understand the potential improved health benefits of LCHF nutrition.

I had the great privilege of meeting and spending time with Caryn when she was in Cape Town recently to testify on behalf of Prof Noakes at the Noakes/HPCSA or ‘Banting for Babies’ trial.

Prof Noakes, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Caryn and I spoke together at The Cape Times Sugar-Free Breakfast. You can view her AMAZING talk here.

Caryn has co-authored the following books:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.56.04 PM

You can buy it here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.56.15 PM

You can buy it here.

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Hope to see you there!

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