The Valley of Temptation at Woolworths is No Longer…

There has been a huge change from the folks at Woolworths who have admirably decided to remove all sweets and chocolates at their checkout aisles.

The prominent tactic of having sweets and chocolates in their aisles is widely used by all supermarkets and retailers to deliberately influence and encourage impulse buying whilst you, the influenced buyer, stand and wait in the queue to pay for your goods. I won’t argue against the point of it being a good tactic; in fact, it’s a great one – and this is what Woolworths saw. Instead of encouraging impulse buying on foods that will just bring hardship to your body and lifestyle, they are instead now encouraging healthier foods.

Woolworths is setting a tremendous example to other supermarkets in South Africa, with them being the first of the major South African retailers to do so – we really commend them on this.

Spencer Sonn, who is the member of The Foods Leadership Team at Woolworths, said that he is overjoyed that Woolworths as a company have committed to remove the valley of temptation. Customers can now trust that Woolworths has their customers’ best interests at heart, and as a health conscious individual myself, I am very proud that Woolworths are leading the way on providing healthier options in their aisles, especially to children.

Thank you, Woolworths.

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