Together we can do what we cannot do alone

I remember the last days of my active addiction vividly.

Alone, broken, a shell of a person. I truly didn’t know if I wanted to live or die.

If I had been left to my own devices I probably would have chosen to escape into nothingness. But something inside me implored me to reach out to my last remaining friend and get help.

She called my parents and I remember feeling a massive sense of release that this burden I had been carrying alone could be shared.

I entered rehab not for myself, I entered rehab for my parents. The love and hope in their eyes spurred me on to try and pull myself together and make the very best of what this life had to offer.

I remember my counsellor in treatment saying: “if you cannot recover for yourself at first then do it for someone else”. My someone else was my family. I needed to be accountable to them in order start my recovery journey.

And that is why the power of a group is so important to me and forms the largest part of any program I do.

How many of you can relate to putting your own needs and self-care very last on the list of things to do?

We may start something off with the very best intention of finishing but if it serves no one but ourselves what is the point?

How many diets have you tried?

How many diets have you failed as being accountable to yourself just isn’t worth it….

That’s where the power of the group and the saying “together we can do what we cannot do alone” rings so true.

The key to successful lifestyle change is holding yourself accountable to people other than yourself – and finding the proper motivation to keep doing the next right thing.

It can be tough but it is so much easier when we share our burden and help each other along the path of recovery and empowered living.

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xxx Karen

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