Turmeric Rooibos Chai latte

I’ve been posting loads of pics to Instagram lately of my ‘drinks containing Turmeric’ obsession.

I am obsessed. Why?

Well, Turmeric may have numerous health benefits such as:

  • Improving brain function
  • Lowering your risk of brain disease
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Lowering your risk of developing Alzheimers
  • Helps fight depression
  • May even be a powerful tool in treatment and prevention of certain cancers.

To read more about the amazing benefits of Turmeric visit Authority Nutrition.

Turmeric is often used in curries but can easily be made into a soothing, nourishing and calming hot drink.

There are three things you need to remember in order to prepare turmeric properly:

  1. Always have it with fat (such as coconut milk, coconut oil, cream)
  2. Add some plack pepper to aid digestion
  3. Heat it to make it digestable

Here my special Turmeric, Rooibos, Chai latte:

  1. Heat 4 cups of water on the stove with
    1. 4 rooibos tea bags,
    2. 2 star anise,
    3. 5 crushed black pepper corns,
    4. 6 teaspoons of turmeric,
    5. a stick of cinnamon,
  2. Allow to simmer for approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Strain tea with sieve.
  4. Add 125 ml of coconut milk/cream, milk or cream and serve.

I don’t use sweetener but feel free to add if you desperatley need to.

You could make a single cup but I generally make a big batch which I leave on the stove and reheat during the day.



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