Welcome to the Sugar Free Revolution blog

Hi Everyone,

A very warm welcome to my blog where I hope to assist you in beating your sugar and carb addiction.

Here you will find recipes, tips, tools and tricks to assist you on your journey of recovery. I believe in a holistic model of treatment for addiction and as such will focus on three areas namely:

Empower Body

Empower Mind

Empower Spirit

My 8-week online program which assists you in beating your sugar and carb addiction is based on this premise with weekly modules assisting you in empowering these three aspects of yourself. If you would like to sign up for the next program please click here.

Please also post questions and comments.

I look forward to hearing from you,

xxx Karen

6 Responses to “Welcome to the Sugar Free Revolution blog”

  1. Noreen

    This is AMAZING. Wonderful tips and mouthwatering food. Had no idea it could be so nice. The cheese cakes really look yummie.

  2. Louise

    hi Karen. please could you let me know if we wanted to make things with sugar in it what would be the best substitute . would Isomalt be ok and how much would you be aloud .

    • Karen Thomson

      Dear Louise,

      I am not the best person to ask as I don’t use any type of sweetener and don’t recommend it either.

      xxx Karen

  3. Wendy Case

    Finally, somewhere to come to, which will help me better understand my powerlessness over sugars & carbs. Thank you for the good work you do Karen.


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