What Happens When You Add Sugar Back after Sugar Free September? by Emily Maguire

At the weekend I got a message from a friend who had been following the sugar free September challenge. She had sent me a picture of a traditional afternoon tea. Now for those that don’t know, an afternoon tea is a three tiered cake stand that has a layer of sandwiches, a selection of cakes then topped off with scones with jam and cream. As you can imagine there was most definitely a lot of sugar contained within that one little stand. What was interesting though was how my friend went on to describe how she felt once she ate it. Her exact words to me were: “I feel terrible, so bloated, feeling sick and have a sore tummy”. Needless to say when I asked her if she would be eating that again she just laughed.

This is a question that I often get from many clients that I’ve helped to rid sugar from their diet- will they ever be able to eat sugar again. My answer is of course that I would hope that this is a lifestyle change and that having these types of foods really shouldn’t make up your diet ever again. However we do know that this is real life and sometimes life, for whatever reason, can get in the way. Be it a social occasion, an emotional event or whatever else that may make you eat something that you know that isn’t right for your body. The major thing to note though is exactly how it makes you feel after eating these types of foods. When you have taken sugar out of your diet even for as little as three weeks, your body gets rid of its reliance on it. If you then overload your system with it again it can cause problems like:
-blood sugar spikes and crashes
-gut upsets
-cravings come back

And once you give your body some of that sweet stuff, it means it gets a taste for it again which makes the withdrawal part happen.

Now that we are 22 days in with sugar free September  we obviously want you to keep going. And if you think about deviating then look at the list above to see how your body may response. If you do relapse for any reason though we want you to really take note on how you felt after having this back in your diet. Relapses on a new nutrition journey do happen so do not beat yourself up. The main thing is to pick yourself up learn from the experiences, get support and carry on.

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7 Responses to “What Happens When You Add Sugar Back after Sugar Free September? by Emily Maguire”

  1. Paula

    On Friday afternoon we went to High Tea at Kirstenbosch Gardens for Secretaries Day here in SA (a belated lunch for all the admin staff). Imagine my stress being on Sugarfree September and off all obvious carbs? Out of all the beautiful cakes, tarts, pastries etc I allowed myself 2 little triangles of sandwiches with chicken filling and a scone with cream (no jam). I could not wait to leave. I felt like I was choking. I got home and walked straight past my husband to the bathroom just to cough what felt like a big lump in my throat out. I’m not saying “never again” because like you say above … life happens. But that was truly an awful feeling!

    • Karen Thomson

      Dear Paula,
      That must have been incredibly stressful. Well done for managing the way that you did. I am so proud of you. Thank you so much for your honesty and sharing your story. No doubt it will inspire others.
      xxx Karen

  2. jo

    How do I get to read all your blogs

    • Karen Thomson

      HI Jo,

      Click on the tab at top called blogs and scroll through. They are all on my site.

      Are you looking for anything in particular?

  3. Sonette

    I have been reading your book, although I would not say I am addicted to sugar, I do have the following problems, do not know if this the right place.

    1. I have IBS. Earlier this year had a Helicobacter Virus – treated with 1500 mg of antibiotics twice a day.
    2. I was also diagnosed with “Achalasia of the esophagus” – causes 24/7 heartburn – drinking Topzale 20 mg for that.
    3. I have famelial high cholesterol – not on any medication at the moment.
    4. Hormonal imbalance – no medication.

    I do not eat bread, cake, sweets, chocolate.

    I drink earl grey tea with one sugar – and low fat milk. Cannot tolerate over rich foods. Desperate for an direction.

    • Karen Thomson

      Hi Sonette,
      I would recommend booking a consultation with Nutritionist Emily Maguire.
      Let me know if you would like her details.

      • Sonette

        Hi, Karen,

        Thanks, would appreciate it. I live in the Western Cape, about 4 hr drive from Cape Town.


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