Who to trust? – my guide to finding a medical professional

Since the release of the Real Meal Revolution many people have jumped on the ‘bant wagon’ creating and selling meal plans and giving medical advice with absolutely no qualification or knowledge of how to work with patients. Many courses are being punted online that claim to accredit their participants with a qualification once completed. To put it in perspective: South African Dieticians study for a minimum of four years! Doctors for a minimum of seven! It frightens me that Joe Public can sign up for a 5 week online program and then start charging for seeing patients…..it doesn’t just frighten me, it petrifies me!

With so many charlatans out there becoming ‘nutritionists’ or health coaches overnight it’s really hard to know who to trust. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved health or managing a disease I believe it is of utmost importance to find a  QUALIFIED medical professional or expert to assist you in reaching your health goals. In saying that however, there are some phenomenal bloggers and coaches out there who do provide amazing advice, information and guidance.

At the HELP: Harmony Eating & Lifestyle Program we only work with qualified and registered professionals. Our multidisciplinary team consists of a Registered Dietician, Psychiatrist, Medical Doctor, Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatric nurses, Biokineticist and more. The Sugar Free Revolution Online program was designed by addiction professionals and ALL participants have a 1-on-1 consultation with a Registered Dietician who also provided all meal plans for the course. No, and I mean NO, nutritional advice is given by anyone who is not qualified.

So what I am trying to say is:

1. If you or a loved one suffer from a disease or illness research, research and research some more then find the world experts in that field and seek guidance, advice etc. The internet has made this part quite easy. We are now able to take control of our own health, ask questions, challenge convention and inform ourselves.

2. Make up your own mind and find what works for you. We are all individual and I do not believe that ‘one size fits all’.

3. I have provided a list of experts, coaches and bloggers that I turn to for guidance and inspiration. I don’t always agree with everything that everyone has to say but I love challenging my own beliefs and finding what works for me.

I have compiled a list of Medical Professionals, bloggers and coaches that I trust and would seek help from myself. This is just my opinion and yours may differ. I am not asking you to agree with everything that I say but rather to take the time to find out what is best for you.



Dr Jason Fung – Nephrologist

Dr Jeffry Gerber – General Practitioner

Dr Ann Childers – Psychiatrist

Drs Michael and Mary-Dan Eades – General Practitioners

Franziska Spritzer – Registered Dietician

Dietician Cassie – Registered Dietician

Dr Jay Wortman – General Practitioner

Dr Eric Westman – General Practitioner

Dr Robert Cywes – Bariatric Surgeon

Prof Stephen Phinney

Prof Jeff Volek – Registered Dietician

Dr Dominic D’Agostino - Metabolic Strategies for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancer

Dr Colin Champ – Oncologist

Yoni Freedhoff – Obesity Expert

Dr James Underberg – Lipidologist

Jimmy Moore – Blogger and Author

Maria Emmerich – Blogger and Author


New Zealand

Dr Grant Schofield

Caryn Zinn



Pete Evans – Chef

Dr Maryanne Demasi – Science reporter and presenter for ABC

Dr Gary Fettke – Orthopaedic Surgeon

Christine Cronau – Nutritionist and Author

Sarah Wilson – Journalist and founder of I Quit Sugar

David Gillespie – Author

Damon Gameau – That Sugar Film



Emily Maguire – Nutritionist

Dr Aseem Malhotra – Cardiologist

Zoe Harcombe – Obesity Researcher

Dr Malcolm Kendrick

Sam Feltham – Exercise specialist


South Africa

Cape Town

General Practitioners

Dr Neville Wellington – General Practitioner

Prof Tim Noakes – Sports Scientist

Dr Gerhard Schoonbee – General Practioner: Stellenbosch.

Dr Anna Hall – General Practitioner: Northern Suburbs.

Dr Grant Fourie – General Practitioner: Belville

Dr Duncan Carmichael – General Practitioner, Homeopath specialising in anti-aging and hormonal imbalances

Dr Ian Booth

Dr Johann Slabbert – General Practitioner

Registered Dieticians

Bridget Surtees – Registered Dietician

Tamzyn Campbell – Registered Dietician

Rael Koping – Registered Dietician


Dr Phillip Mills – Cardiologist

Dr Otto Thaning – Cardiac Surgeon


Dr Jacques Malan – Psychiatrist

Real Meal Revolution – Blog

Low Carb Adapt – Dr Eric Westman’s Online Clinic


Dr Gail Ashford – General Practitioner

Dr Sindi van Zyl


Dr Margaret Shrimpton – margaretshipton@absamail.co.za/033-3869208


Bridgette Allan – Registered Nurse and Wellness Coach

Keri Strachan – Registered Dietician

Dr Lochan Naidoo -  General Practitioner

Dr Hansraj Singh – General Practitioner

Dr Raj Pather – Dentist

Dr Darby & Dr Karla Lott – General Practitioners

Dr Pieta Erasmus - General Practitioner

Dr Glen Hagemann


Dr Andreas Eenfeldt – General Practitioner

Please let me know if you have any names to add, this list is a work in progress so all suggestions welcome.



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