Why affirmations rock my recovery

I’ve aways been a ‘bit out there’, interested in holistic living, spirituality and empowering myself and others. I first stumbled upon affirmations during my modelling years when I read a book called Creative Visualisation all about creating the life of your dreams. Even though logically I understood the principles and concepts I wasn’t able to translate it into my own life at the time. I severely lacked self- esteem and the fundamental concept of believeing I deserved the very best life had to offer. At that point I was still operating from a core belief of ‘I’m not good enough’ so in essence this was my affirmation and as such that’s what I chose to attract into my life. I drew people, friends and experciences into my space that reinforced this belief. No matter how many times I told myself that I was beautiful, powerful and capable of success it just would not work. The more I was saying it to myself, the more my addictive mind was reinforcing the opposite: “you’re not beautiful, you’re not powerful and you don’t deserve success”. I lived it wholeheartedly and despite my very best efforts at getting ahead in the modelling game I just was not able to.

I only started understanding the power my deep-seated negative beliefs had on my life when I entered a rehab centre for my alcohol and substance addiction at the age of 24. My counsellor started challenging me and breaking down the false sense of self I had built to survive and I was left with an empty shell! A shell which was operating from a place of negativity, lack and super low self-esteem. It wasn’t until I had crashed that core belief of not being good enough that my relationship with myself and the belief that I was worthy of love, support and success started manifesting themselves as my firm recovery foundation.

My counsellor had given me an affirmation to say in the mirror three times a day. Before breakfast, lunch and supper I had to look myself in the eye and repeat the following affirmation eight times:

My name is Karen,

I am a good person.

I don’t need to please others.

God, teach me to love myself.

At first it was petrifying but slowly over time things started shifting and changing and I was able to experience first hand the power of affirmations.

Today I use affirmations as I see fit and also depending what needs affirmed in my life.

I’ve compiled a list of my favourite affirmations which you can download here.

Use mine or choose your own.

Choose to be the very best version of yourself.

You really are SO worth it.

xxx Karen

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