I have never been more successful trying to lose weight and get healthier

Hi Gorgeous people,

I wanted to share this incredible message I just received from Carole with you.

Carole is an amazing woman who decided to take control of her health by following the 8 week program outlined in my book Sugar Free: 8 weeks to freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction.  She not only improved her health but lost weight without feeling deprived or having to starve herself.

Read her story below:

Hi Karen

My adventure through sugar free has been extraordinary for me.

I started on your book in August and the effects were instantly recognisable. From a UK XL I managed to buy a size M cycling jacket 2 days ago, and I’m not finished yet!

I have never been more successful trying to lose weight and get healthier.

I recommend your book to anyone and everyone who will listen and can’t tell you how many people are following the trail behind me! It’s revolutionised my life and I could not be happier or more grateful to you.

So many diets are fade and boring. They start out working for me and then….nothing. Here I can see the results and feel them too. I had trousers that were too tight to wear, but too good to throw out. The tailor will virtually have to remake them with nearly 4″ to come off the waist and related down the sides of the legs. Poor chap, I don’t envy his task… But happy days for me…..

No going back. Out go the other big clothes, but I’ve held back one pair or trousers as a reminder. When I hit my goal a photo will follow! Thank you for saving me and my sanity!

Big love for you from Carole in Hertfordshire😃💞

How incredible!

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